The Route To Success On Social: Content Is King But Context Is Queen

Just back from Social Media Week and my head is buzzing.

So many great and inspiring talks from the industry top bods and brands – it really brought home how important and mainstream social has become. Just a few years ago, social was thought of as a separate entity – one or two young people with a Facebook account, parked in a cupboard doing their own thing. Now, most marketing teams have social integrated within their teams. Currently, there are 1.5 million jobs in the world related to social!

Adam Smith, Deputy Community Editor at the Economist talked about how this 173 year old newspaper had evolved and put together a social team as recently as last year. They are now embedded with their journalists, creating native social content and experimenting with new and innovative ways of sharing their stories across their social channels to reach a whole new audience and demographic.

Social is now a huge driver of change in a world where everything and everyone is connected but we are so bombarded with new information that we struggle to focus on anything longer than a tweet.

I went to a fascinating talk by Neil Davidson at HeyHuman who talked about the need for ‘brain friendly social’, a reaction to the increasingly shallow relationships that people have with brands. Did you know that we unlock our phones over 80 times a day?! We are, in essence, hooked on digital interaction and checking your Instagram or Facebook account is now the new cigarette break. Our brains are busier than ever before and it seems, we are not good multi-taskers.

Neuroscience research has shown that all this has a real effect on the brain. Simply noticing there’s a new email in your in-box while trying to concentrate on a different task reduces your IQ by 10 points! Moving between 3 screens platforms is too much for brain to deal with – there is 90% brand recall when using just one screen but this goes down to 31% when using more than one screen.

So what does all this mean for social? Marketers will need to create more emotionally engaging and relevant content that uses the senses more intelligently. As social continues to evolve and be used across multi-devices, it is vital for brands to be on the pulse and engage with audiences in the right places.

For businesses, with so many social platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which is best for your brand and increasingly difficult to create stand out messaging that will grab your audience’s attention. Crucially, by digging deeper into insights on how consumers engage with content on social media platforms, we can make sure we market the right content in the right context.

If you need help with getting your social media campaign on track and creating an engaging campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd, call me for chat..

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Want to know about the current social media trends and where are we headed? Stay tuned…I’ll cover this in my next blog.

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