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Social Media Marketing
for Festivals & Events

Social Media is one of the best ways to spread the word and create a buzz about an event and ultimately reach more potential attendees.

Get people excited and engaged and they’ll be desperate to get to your event, and actively share their experiences and memories while they are there.

Having run many social media campaigns for a variety of events, we use our expertise and experience to offer end-to-end, full planning and management.

“Sarah Ewen is superb.  She has created a highly imaginative and effective social media campaign for the Chalke Valley History Festival and from a standing start has built for us an incredible following and brand, which has helped us to grow our festival enormously.

Creative, efficient and a joy to work with, I would recommend her work to anyone.”

“Our annual Christmas shopping event has been going for over 30 years but had very little presence on social media and no cohesive branding until Sarah at Utterly Social took over and completely transformed us. We now have a fresh new look, a growing following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and a great buzz about our event, months before it begins. We have had excellent feedback from our customers and stallholders, many saying the reason they chose to come to our event over others, was our exciting and inspiring social media presence. Her marketing advice has been invaluable and she has been a pleasure to work with.”

Pre Event 

From crafting your strategy and content plan, choosing your channels and event hashtag, we build your online audience and engage with them, keeping them well-informed and excited about the event. 

We regularly measure what works to see what is resonating with your followers and tweak strategies accordingly to drive more registration and ticket sales.

  • Social media strategy
  • Content plan
  • Choose platforms and optimise profiles
  • Choose and promote event hashtag
  • Create social templates
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Tailor content to each social network
  • Community building
  • Customer service 
  • Drip feeding announcements 
  • Run competitions/ offers
  • Social media advertising

Live at the Event 

We maximise awareness of the event by driving conversation on the ground, providing a visual flavour of the event on social media, keeping an eye out for quotable sound bites that can be attached to photos and videos.

In addition to encouraging people to post and share from the event itself, we actively converse with them while the event is going on and share their experiences and images.

  • Live tweeting
  • Live streaming
  • Live polls, Q&As and more
  • Festival competitions 
  • Customer service 

Post Event

The week following the event is a good time to recap the key moments as captured on social media – whether that’s a series of tweets, photos on Instagram or Facebook posts. We share your event highlights so everyone sees, whether they’re at the event or not, which means your attendees don’t miss out and non-attendees start to get a real sense of FOMO.

We encourage attendees to leave reviews and gather testimonials that can be used again for promoting the next event.

Gather feedback from attendee’s – what did people like? What could be improved upon?  If know their comments have been taken on board it adds a lot of credibility to the event and helps to build loyalty.

  • Gather feedback
  • Share retrospective blogs
  • Give thanks 
  • Add some of the best UGC to your Facebook Page, Twitter feed, or Instagram

Product launches, events and festivals – our experienced team will maximise the power of social media to make your event a great success.