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Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Our job is to make people fall in love with your brand. 

We will build your social channels, source and distribute content about your business, grow your fan base and engage with your community.

We’ll work closely with your sales or marketing team to develop, manage and make your social media channels perform.

Choose from three packages
or we can tailor services specific to your needs.

“Sarah is superb.  She has created a highly imaginative and effective social media campaign for the Chalke Valley History Festival and from a standing start has built for us an incredible following and brand, which has helped us to grow our festival enormously.

Creative, efficient and a joy to work with, I would recommend her work to anyone.”

“Sarah @ Utterly Social has opened our eyes to the brave new world of social media and the opportunities it can create in achieving the right kind of brand exposure and enhancement.

Without Sarah’s help, we would undoubtedly still be rooted in the dark ages with little SM presence.

I would recommend any business with ambition to establish and grow, to contact Utterly Social and explore the many platforms available.”

“Working with Sarah and Utterly Social, has helped us build both our brand and audience on social, from just a small base to now a very significant number of followers.

From the start, Sarah has understood our company’s needs and aligned a social media strategy to support it. In addition Sarah has advised us on a range of activities and channels to further support our wider marketing strategy and continues to be a vital sounding board and valued member of our team.

Working with Utterly Social has allowed us to focus on the core elements of our business and stay ahead of what is a fast changing and sometimes bewildering key element of promoting our business.”

“Utterly Social …utterly brilliant.

Social media can seem a daunting prospect for any business but Sarah took time to understand my business and turned this insight into an effective campaign. The goal was to raise awareness of my business and increase engagement in the brand and the services I offer…done!

Sarah used her experience of the media platforms along with her passion for social to deliver on my goals. I would recommend Utterly Social without hesitation!”

“Using social media is essential for a writer to build an author brand and to grow and maintain a fan base. However, I found that the time required to keep a meaningful presence on the media seriously eroded the time I had for writing. This, in addition to the fact that real expertise is required to maximise effect, led me to ask Utterly Social to take over my social media coverage.

Utterly Social has been instrumental in promoting sales and creating more awareness of my books internationally. As well as leading my Facebook and Twitter campaigns, the company has helped with the sharing of my blog and identifying content of interest to my audience. In addition Utterly Social has set up and run competitions for me, which have helped to raise the profile of my books.”

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